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Healing dreams grow in healing places, like those where the mountains meet the sea.

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October 27, 2024 – November 3, 2024

At the Santa Barbara and Malinalco Healing Sanctuary a group of highly experienced clinicians and other professionals participate in providing a multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary treatment program that includes nutrition, water therapy (Watsu), yoga, massage, Qi gong, Tai Chi, body work, and the fine arts…. painting, writing, and theater. However, what makes this program unique and distinguishes it from integrative healing programs is its emphasis on the healing potential of “Dreams”.

The Santa Barbara & Malinalco Healing Sanctuary, state of the art integrative healing centers, draw their inspiration from the highly successful healing sanctuaries of Ancient Greece and Turkey. It is generally acknowledged that the Classical period of Greece and Rome was among the seminal peaks of Western civilization. During this time “dream incubation” was widely practiced in the healing temples throughout Greece. For a thousand years’ dreams were at the center of medicine.

One of the great mysteries is that most of us are healthy most of our lives. A dynamic image of health is implanted in our very cells. It is possible that we become dissociated from this healthy intelligence when we get ill. Cutting edge contemporary science seems to point in that direction, with current placebo studies demonstrating that the sick body can revert back to health exclusively by way of imagination.

The ancients demonstrated that dreaming can reconnect us to this dynamic image of health which theyHygieia called divine and named it “Asklepios” in its masculine and “Hygieia” in its feminine form. What if we could proactively tap into this “divine” potential to heal ourselves? This could enhance the effects of the medical treatments we are receiving and positively affect the quality of our lives. The Santa Barbara & Malinalco Healing Sanctuary, as part of a renaissance of the power of the creative imagination, at the heart of the healing process, provides the environment and practices that allow this to happen.

Dreams give individuals access to a form of intelligence originating deep inside the brainstem where signals travel up to the cortex and down, through the neuro-endocrine system, to affect the body at a micro-cellular level. While the ancients did not have a scientific understanding of the impact of dreams, they did recognize that this activity, as natural and innate as the human heartbeat, had extraordinary therapeutic potential and they designed their healing sanctuaries and practices to maximize these effects. The SB & MHS brings together the wisdom of a thousand years of medical antiquity with cutting edge scientific insight in order to reawaken the healing powers of dreaming.

Dreams, the Greeks said, belong to the place where they are dreamed, like the plants that grow there. Healing dreams grow in healing places, like those where the mountains meet the sea.
The Santa Barbara Healing Sanctuary is located on land held sacred by Chumash people since time immemorial. The Malinalco Healing Sanctuary is on land founded by Malinaxochitl, the sister of Huitzilopochtli, the god of war…. For both, their beautiful land is a place where the mystery of healing is celebrated.

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