OCT. 27, 2021 – NOV. 8,  2021


Come join Jill Fischer, PsyA for an extraordinary dream workshop and Sanctuary experience to be held in Malinalco, Mexico (Wednesday, Oct. 27- Monday, Nov.8, 2021) to welcome Spring and immerse oneself in a time of renewal. 


Following ancient tradition, we will spend each day incubating and working on our dreams in ritual preparation. The dreamwork, called Embodied Imagination® is a therapeutic and creative form of working with dreams and memories pioneered by Dutch Jungian psychoanalyst Robert Bosnak. Embodied Imagination® is practiced individually and in groups in psychotherapy, medicine, theater, art and creative research. This technique has been used as a rehearsal method by the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon and the Bell Shakespeare Company in Sydney. Both its simple rules and emphasis on group participation augment the profound experience of this work.

During this workshop, you will be guided as you re-enter the landscape of one of your dreams or memories. In a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping (a hypnagogic state) you will be invited to explore the images from a variety of perspectives. Transformations are typical of those who practice this method of working with dreams. Using the technique of embodied imagination, the body becomes the theater for a vivid complexity of states leading to a sense of increased depth of meaning and at times profound psychical transformation.


For Mexico….you fly into Mexico City (Benito Juarez International Airport). Mexico City is 2 hours from Malinalco. We will start in the evening of Oct. 27 so you must arrive no later than 2PM on the 27th. We will arrange for vans to take you to Malinalco. If you arrive the day before or a few days earlier and want to tour Mexico City, we can provide the name of hotels in the area that are reasonable and safe. If you arrive later than 2PM you will have to pay for your own transportation to Malinalco.

When departing Mexico plan to leave by 1:00 PM on Nov. 8, 2021. We will help arrange for transportation to the airport from Malinalco.

Airline Tickets:

Remember the date to arrive is Oct. 27, 2021 so we can begin in the evening.

Leave as late as you can on Nov. 8, 2021


Intensive Fees:
The intensive fee includes intensive fees, all food, and lodging for the six days. You just have to bring yourself and some extra money for our taxi, purchases in town, a massage if desired, and a fee ($20.00) in appreciation for the wonderful staff that takes such good care of us. We will arrange for the transportation to and from the airport.


Our Intensive:

We will be going to Malinalco and our host is Marie-Aimee de Montalembert. One of her commitments in life is to be able to share her beautiful oasis with others.


Malinalco is a beautiful small Mexican village well known for its historic value. The legend says that it was founded by Malinaxochitl, the sister of Huitzilopochtli, the god of war…. There is a pre-hispanic pyramid in the mountains that surround Malinaco and the village has a beautiful Augustine convent with 12 churches in each of its 12 neighborhoods.

We will be going in October when it is cool and balmy. The house is on 10 acres of land. There is one main house and several smaller ones on the property. It has a sitting room that holds over 30 people. There is also a dining room and several terraces, a heated swimming pool and a medicine wheel, with a Ceiba tree (Mayan sacred tree). Marie Aimee has a wonderful friend, Tere, who always does the catering for the seminars and she can make provisions for vegetarians.


Please feel free to send along any questions. The amount of people we can accommodate is limited so please reserve your place as soon as possible.

Looking forward to your participation,