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Cyberdreamwork matches the latest technologies with practical dreamwork to build an interactive community that centers around our common curiosity about dreams.

What is a Dream?

A dream is the experience of a live environment inside of which we find ourselves. It is an experience so vivid and real, that we are convinced we are awake. This vivid environment we call upon waking “dream.” A dream is a live ambiance.

What is Dreamwork?

Dreamwork enables the dreamer, through careful concentration and focus, to return to a state as close as possible to the actual dream state itself. The dreamer “re-enters” the dream ambiance.

Why Cyberdreamwork?

Over the last century, since the invention of the telephone, we have been getting increasingly apt at being electronically present with others. Cyberspace increases even further our ability to be emotionally present while being physically absent. Our test phase has demonstrated that voices in cyberspace, virtually present, keep the dreamer focused equally well as actually present people. At this point, cyberdreamwork is different from telephone dreamwork because the voice and now the video connection is free wherever you are in the world. This makes inter-cultural dreamwork possible.

Who is a Cyberdreamwork Group Leader or Co-Leader?

A Cyberdreamwork group leader or co-leader is someone who has received training in guiding audio/video-dream groups in cyberspace with a focus on Embodied Imagination® and a training in the technical aspects of Cyberdreamwork: audio/video programs, devices and any other equipment the future will bring.

How Does a Dreamer Do Cyberdreamwork?

You hang out with a small group in an audio and video program in cyberspace. You tell a dream in as evocative a language as possible, so the Cyberdreamworkers can enter into your dream environment. You describe your dream as a place where you have been, and where (usually) some kind of event took place. You try to convey the experience of that event and the environment where it took place.

What Does a Cyberdreamworker Do?

As a Cyberdreamworker you are a member of a group that helps a dreamer explore the dreaming environment through careful, non-suggestive questioning. This helps the dreamer to stay focused.

Why Dreamwork with Others, Why Not Alone?

Dreamwork is collaborative. You get far deeper if someone helps to keep you focused on your dream. The “I” in our lives has the tendency not to want to stay with dreams because dreams tend to reveal unknown aspects of existence that might frighten “I”. Even if you tell yourself you really want to work on dreams, unconsciously “I” will sabotage. “I” does not want to become a supporting actor. “I” wants to be in the lead. To speak in dramatic metaphor, dreamwork shifts the attention away from “I”, the protagonist, to the theater piece as a whole.

How Does the Process Unfold?

The longer the dreamer focuses on the events in the dream environment, the more emotions as well as sensations will surface in the dreamer’s body. Weaving back and forth between the sensations/emotions on the one hand, and the dream events in their environment, on the other, will elicit a host of insights.

Why Only First Names?

If so desired, cyberdreamwork can provide a certain anonymity. You can frequently tell a stranger more than an intimate. Having disembodied voices without particular location ask you about your dream can often relax resistances. Others like to do cyberdreamwork with friends.

What is’s Vision of the Future?

At we believe dreams are the universal language of the soul. They are an ideal means of deepening communication between people from varying cultures. We see a cyberdreamwork future where people from different cultures and from all corners of the globe will work and help one another with their dreams. We see a time when translation programs will make intercultural dreamwork more accessible, when direct psychophysical monitoring will bring us more in synch with a culturally foreign dreamer and when our dreams will be reflected in a vast array of mirrors. Dreams are the ultimate prism.

What is Skype or Zoom?

Skype and Zoom are internet-based voice and video communication programs. They can easily be downloaded onto any computer for free!!

These virtual, private, conference rooms allow to carry out workshops, group supervision programs, online training programs, and cyberdreamwork groups. They become a place for people, all over the globe, to come and chat with us about dreams.

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